Visiting My Parents – April 20, 2014

Saturday – Trip to Moline, Illinois via Atlanta

Yesterday (Saturday) I was feeling pretty wiped out after a week of minimal sleep and then rising at 5:00 AM to head to the airport. I actually fell asleep on the flight from Atlanta to Moline. At one point, I dozed a few minutes until my head slipped off of the side of the seat and woke me up. Argh!

My mom picked me up at the airport. We stopped at Fairway to pickup some groceries. Then we headed to Heritage Natural Foods in downtown Moline. We arrived right at 5:00 PM to watch them lock their doors. So we’ll have to go back on Monday.

Mavis was at the house. So we visited and then had supper. I had salad, some raw and cooked broccoli, white rice, and some flavorful “Curry Cha’i Pow Yu.” The latter was made from seitan. Last year, Uncle Michael brought the can with him from New Jersey. He must have purchased it at an Oriental grocery store because it was made in Taiwan and most of the label was in Chinese. For dessert, I had two (or was it three?) of Grandma’s maple-pecan cookies. She made a big batch. Some are for her neighbor, Larry. But I think that I will be enjoying them all week. Yum!

Easter Sunday

We all watched the CBS “Sunday Morning” program with Charles Osgood. For everyone else, my mom cooked bacon, eggs, toast, and oatmeal. I just had granola with raisins, bananas, and almond milk…which was fine for me. Although my mom thinks that it’s kind of boring.

Today is Easter Sunday. I didn’t go to church. Instead I visited some more with Mavis and then took her to the airport around 10 AM. After I returned, I got some exercise by running up the hill close to their house. I think that I ran up it seven times; I would walk or slow jog going back down.

After lunch, my mom and dad and I watched some of our home videos when the kids were young. They were sure cute!

Here’s a picture that we took just before Mavis left.

Click for full size.
Click for full size.

Here’s a picture looking up 11th Avenue A in Moline next to my parents’ house. My heart was really pumping when I got to the top.

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Click for full size.

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  1. You and Aunt Mavis look very much alike, so much in fact, that if you had a twin sister, that is what she’d look like. 😀
    (I love those cookies. 😛 )

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