Lunch with Eric at Seabirds Kitchen

This past Monday (July 28, 2014), Eric took me to lunch at Seabirds Kitchen. It was our second visit. Although he isn’t a vegetarian, Eric is a good sport and will go to vegan restaurants for my sake. He’s kind of burned out on Native Foods so we’re exploring other options.

I tried a new menu item “Tempeh + Shitakes.” Here’s their description: marinated tempeh, crispy shiitake mushroom, grilled pineapple, pickled radish and cucumber, baby green salad, brown rice, scallions, cilantro, and sweet tsubaki sauce.

The brown rice was fluffy. The mushrooms were the highlight of the dish. I finished everything except for some of the pickled radish and cucumber. Plus Eric shared a dish of Potato Taquitoes appetizers. Those were very good as well.
Tempeh + Shitakes

Thank you, Eric!