Gamblers Don’t Gamble

While in Moline last month, I helped my mom clean out some stuff in her garage. Among the things that we came across was the book “Gamblers Don’t Gamble” by Michael MacDougall. I wondered what the book was about. I thought that maybe it was written to discourage people from gambling.

I opened the book, read the opening page, and I was hooked. I read quite a few chapters during my stay at my parents’ house. I finished reading the entire book during the flight home to Southern California.

The author recounts stories of how he became a “card detective”. He would often be hired to identify who and how someone was cheating. He explained quite a number of techniques that the “cheats” would use…like palming, bottom-dealing, crimping, and marking cards. What was so interesting was the multitude of ways that some people could and would cheat. The book was filled with story after story.

The book was written in 1939–a time before video cameras and other high tech devices.

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Gamblers Don’t Gamble
By Michael MacDougall as told to J. C. Furnas
The Greystone Press, New York
Copyright 1939
Printed by The William Byrd Press, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.