Flag Football October 2013

Justin and I played flag football again today. I had a GREAT time!

We started out with just two teams playing six-on-six. As the stragglers showed up, we soon had over four subs per team. So they wisely setup a second field and, at halftime, we split into four teams. We ended up playing three more games of five-on-five.

My teams always had one sub which meant plenty of action. I finished the day with 10 catches (including six touchdowns), one interception (it was an extra point attempt that he threw right at me), and four sacks (I did a lot of rushing).

I did have two drops where the ball hit me in the hands. In the first one, I looked for the ball too late; the ball bounced off my hands into the hands of the defender. In the second, Rob Ferguson did a quick shovel pass to me; I turned to look up field too soon and dropped the ball.

I should have had one more TD. It was fourth and long, deep in our territory. Trevor had me run a streak down the left sideline; he had Fred (in the left slot next to me) run to the first down cone (at midfield) and square out. I Figured that I was the decoy to draw the coverage deep so Fred could make the first down catch. I saw the cornerback break with Fred when Fred made his cut. I looked back…no defenders were anywhere near, Trevor saw me wide open and threw me the ball. I had looked inside over my right shoulder. The ball was coming over my left shoulder when I tried to turn to adjust, I tripped and fell. Bummer.

Here are a few of my better catches.

We were deep in our territory. I ran down the left sideline past midfield and cut right. Rob sees me in the middle of the field. The ball is coming in really low. I catch the ball as it touches the grass but before it hits the ground.

On another play, we are only seven yards or so from the endzone. Rob has me start in the right slot and run into the right flat. Just as I reach the end zone, I turn and look. The ball was coming in. I got my hands up and caught the ball for the score.

In another play, I was playing center and we were less then ten yards from the goal line. After I realized that no one was rushing, I released into the end zone and slipped behind the defenders. Rob sees me open and lofts the ball over my head. I look up to find the ball coming out of the sun and catch it just before I step out the back of the endzone.

In another play from midfield, I went deep down the right sideline. Rob launches the ball. Two defenders converge on me as I reach the endzone. I hear each of them say “I got it. I got it.” They both go up for the ball but neither of them get it. I bobbled the ball but I end up catching it in the back of the endzone for a score.

For my sixth score, we were about five yards from the goal line. I’m on the right side. Rob sees me and throws the ball for me to catch at the back right cone. I catch the ball cleanly as I go to the ground.