Flag Football July 2013

Justin and I have played flag football four out of the last five Saturdays and seven times since May 1st. Prior to May of this year, I hadn’t played since sometime last year.

This past Saturday was particularly fun. We played three games of six on six. I ended up with six catches for two touchdowns. I had one additional catch but I was out of bounds so the extra point attempt didn’t count.

My favorite catch was in the third game. We were getting close to the end zone. I lined up on the left side, ran to the end zone, and cut right. I was open after I passed the safety (Drake). Trevor (our QB) saw me and hit me just as I neared the right sideline. Just as I got my hands on the ball, Drake collided with me from behind and reached around to try to strip the ball from my hands. Thankfully, I had caught the ball cleanly and was able to hold on. After I got up from the ground, Drake said “Good catch, Tim.”

Drake is a great guy and excellent safety and receiver. He plays in a league. On Saturday, he had multiple interceptions…several he returned for touchdowns.

Towards the end of the last game, I was lining up on the left side. Because we weren’t calling plays at this point, all of the receivers were running whatever routes they wanted. Being right-handed, Trevor favored rolling to his right. Thus I was being left out of the action. So on the next play, I decided to slant right from the left side.

After cutting inside of the corner, I looked back to see Trevor rolling LEFT. He thought that I was going to cut back behind the corner into the wide open corner of the end zone. Unfortunately I couldn’t change direction in time and the ball dropped to the ground. If I had made that last catch, I would have finished the day with seven catches and three TDs…pretty good for me.

Flag football